The Power Of Words…

The right words are powerful! As little as one word can change the feeling of an entire paragraph…

This is why some messages are rewarded with a sale and some send buyers running to another solution. 

Human psychology plays a huge part in this. Mind frame and context have everything to do with HOW a reader receives your message. 

One word can shift them from “this is the solution” to “this won’t help me”, even if you’ve addressed every other objection or excuse they can throw at you.

For example – the word “choice” in itself is not a negative word, but when presented to someone in a place of desperation or pain, it is a very negative and limiting word.

Whereas the word “options” presents a limitless array of possibilities. Options are infinite pathways, choices represent a finite amount in a negative mindset even if you don’t realize it.

Would you prefer your choice of A or B, or the options of A – Z?

This is why top-earning companies and entrepreneurs hire copywriters rather than using shortcuts like Funnel Scripts!

It’s why 2 Comma Club X winners pay THEIR copywriter’s rate,  rather than by the word or hour on Fiverr and Upwork.

Understanding not just who your customer is but how they think, read, and will react to the selected words in the message makes all the difference! It takes sales from good to “OMG shut the funnel off!!”. Regardless of whether we’re talking emails or sales letters, the right “who” can make a world of difference.

So, would you rather make millions and ride the lightning? Or watch others do it, while you ride the lightning bug? The choice is yours!

Book a 30-minute consultation call today here at and see how the right who, with the right words can change your business!

The Power Of Words

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