About Me

Greg Blake Copywriter
Photo Credit: Rachel Davis Photography www.rdavisphotography.com

Hi! I’m Greg Blake, a union job rep, turned copywriter with a passion for marketing.

I’m from a village (you read that right) in Ohio called Adena. Just like most people, I started a family and struggled through the “American Dream”. But, realizing there had to be more to life than working to build someone else’s dreams… I set out to build my own.

I quickly came to understand the valuable skills I had developed defending Union contracts. I had learned to successfully have persuasive arguments, that usually ended with the other party deciding it was their idea to do what I was asking!

With a little effort, I figured out how to apply the same skills in my own email marketing. Which quickly led to subscribers asking me to write their emails and sales letters.

It was pretty obvious what direction to take my career at that point…

Since then I’ve used what I learned about buyer psychology, funnel building, and copywriting to help entrepreneurs and coaches increase their sales.