Getting Paid To Write

My Experience With Filthy Rich Writer And Learning Copywriting

At first, when I would consider the idea of writing to make money, there were only two things that came to mind. I only knew of two ways to do so, getting a book published or journalism. But that changed when I found “Filthy Rich Writer.”

Beginning My Masterpiece

I always enjoyed writing. That’s most likely why English was one of my best subjects in school. But like many others, I grew up with the mindset that it would never happen. So, I put the idea aside.

I went on with life, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself. This was before the internet was in every house. So I didn’t have a long stream of options to pick from, just the same old “traditional” options. The problem was I didn’t want to do any of them for the rest of my life, which made choosing a career path impossible.

Being artistic, I looked into something that felt more tangible and was just as unacceptable to my guidance counselors. It’s unbelievable how the same people that encourage your “doodling” skill try to talk you out of becoming a tattoo artist.

That was the best use of my skills that I could find, plus there was something in that career path the attracted me. Much later in life, I finally realized what it was, freedom. Spending a lot of my senior year in a tattoo shop, counting down the days till my 18th birthday, may have contributed as well.

One Door Closes

Unfortunately, when the possibility of an apprenticeship presented itself, I had to pass it up. Life circumstances made it unfeasible. The timing couldn’t have been worse. To take the opportunity, after waiting two years for it, I would have been 19 and homeless. That was the hardest decision of my life.

As disappointing as it was to say no to what I wanted most at that time, it may well have been pushing towards another path, the one meant for me. Though, it was many years before I was actually on that path.

Just like all the people I graduated with, I spent a few years enjoying my new freedom. Working lots of jobs that I either hated or didn’t take seriously, including what I thought was my “career.” Years passed, life changed, and I worked way too many hours. I got up in the morning before the sun did, then got home after it went down, seven days per week. Sure I made a lot of money, but I wasn’t happy.

Those long hours forced me to give up just about everything that I enjoyed. It felt like I was sacrificing everything that made me a person. My life was working and sleeping. Honestly, I hated it. I didn’t even feel like a person anymore; instead, I was just a drone.

Get Me Out Of Here

For more reasons than I’ve just mentioned, I knew I had to find something else. After a few months of searching the internet for anything else, I found something that clicked with me, copywriting.

I already liked writing (though I wasn’t doing much of it anymore). It wasn’t until I heard another copywriter explain it as being similar to creating art with words that I knew it was for me. All I had to do was find someone to teach me this skillset.

Determined to learn how to write in a way that makes people want to take action, I bought tons of books. Then I bought a few reasonably priced trainings. Even after all I’d learned, I still felt like I was missing something HUGE!

For starters, I had no idea how to get clients or where to look for them. But that wasn’t it. There was something I was missing, something that would make me feel like an expert. Or at the very least, like I knew what I was doing. Who knows what it was, but it kept me searching and learning.

Opportunity Knocks

That’s when I came across an ad. It instantly caught my eye. This add was for a free training on how to get more copywriting clients. There was no way I was going to pass that up! I signed up and grabbed a pen and paper. I didn’t want to miss a word.

This training was my introduction to Nicki Krawczyk and Filthy Rich Writer. By the end of her lesson, I realized how much I had overcomplicated client-finding. I also saw just how much I still had left to learn.

After the lesson was over, they presented the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy. The CCA covered everything I needed to know. It included how to hone your skills, how to get clients, how to stay booked up months ahead of time, as well as deep-dive classes for every individual thing you’ll ever be asked to write. It really is comprehensive.

On top of everything else it offered, there were some hard to pass up on bonuses. She threw in even more deep dives on everything, including how to defeat that resistance to accept that I did know what I was doing.

It made a massive impact on me and my business. I went from being stuck learning to moving forward and. It got me out of my own way so I could finally take action.

And Now?

After completing the course, which paid for itself in the first month, I’ve left my old job behind. Now, I’m doing something I enjoy, something that I can do from anywhere I want. I could work from a beach if I wanted. I’m my own boss.

But that isn’t the best part. For me, the thing that matters the most is that I get to spend every day with my youngest son. I had missed the older kids growing up because of long hours at work. Now I get to chase him around, read to him, and take afternoon naps with him (don’t tell my boss, he’s a production tyrant, lol). It’s amazing!

If you like writing and getting paid to sit at home on your laptop sounds like a dream to you, then CCA can change your life. So, I’m going to include a link to Nicki’s newest free training – How To Land Freelance Copywriting Work. You’ll definitely want to watch it.

Just for clarity, this article is based solely on my opinion and experience with CCA and Filthy Rich Writer. No one has asked me or offered me a payment to write this. I’m just doing for you what someone else did for me and sharing the way I’ve managed to make my own business from home.

I’m also required to give you this affiliate disclaimer: The above link is my affiliate link. This means that when you sign up for the course through that link, I may get a small commission. However, in no way does that affect the information I’ve just shared with you. If you choose to use my link to purchase the course, send me an email at, and I’ll send over a few sweet bonuses that will help you get results faster!

Getting Paid To Write