Is The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Worth It?

An Inside View Of Filthy Rich Writer’s Copy Course

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent time looking for every copywriting course and training you can find. The truth of the matter is searching “How to learn copywriting” will get you a ton of results. Many of which are of questionable quality.

So why did I choose Nicki Krawcyck’s CCA? And is it worth YOUR time to take it?

Well, I’ve devoted a ton of time and money to learning copywriting. And even more time developing it into a money-making skill. Honestly, if you can name a copywriter course, odds are I’ve at least looked over it. One thing I can say without a doubt is that many of them are incomplete. CCA offered something that no other course does…

What Makes A Good Copy Course?

There are tons of courses that teach the basic fundamentals of copywriting. Even a quick search on YouTube will give you some pretty solid guidance on how to start learning. But where 90% of all the training, courses, and videos fall short is in one major area.

None of them teach you how to turn copywriting into a business! And because of that most new copy cubs go about it all wrong, which makes the road ahead rougher than it should be.

Of course, with anything you first start, even with training, there’s at least some learning curve. But there’s a huge difference between setting yourself up to fail or positioning yourself to succeed.

Creating The Business

The first thing you need to know when creating your freelance business (aside from the skill your selling) is how to get clients. This is where most copywriting courses fail the student.

You can practice fundamentals and basics all day… But with no one to write for, you don’t have a business. With no plan to follow you don’t a path to success. That makes you a really talented, really broke writer who’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. I was there, so I know this problem all too well.

That was the problem that brought me to CCA. I had already been learning copywriting and was struggling to get any clients whatsoever. I took whatever gigs I could find. They were sparse and didn’t pay well. It was not the business I had hoped for.

What You NEED To Know As A Freelancer

Finding clients isn’t the only struggle that most newbie copywriters don’t see coming. The second biggest is deciding how to price their services. And this is absolutely detrimental to your business as a freelance coywriter.

The same course that doesn’t teach you to find clients also doesn’t give you any information on pricing your services, invoicing your clients, or even mention the taxes you have to pay. Even though all of this seems like it’s pretty simple, you don’t understand how much of a pain in the butt it can be until you blindly try to do it.

Almost every copywriter starts out in one of two pricing categories. They’re either overcharging and scaring clients away or horribly undercharging completely devaluing their service. Both can ruin not just your business, but your entire reputation (which serves to get you more clients later).

Then even if you find the happy medium that both pays your bills and keeps clients happy, you have to invoice the client. Writing your invoice sounds simple enough right? You would be amazed at how easy it is to mess up. I’ve even heard of people messing up badly enough that they don’t get paid at all.

But There’s An Answer!

There’s one big answer to every problem that you will run into in any business you start. And it’s so simple you’ve already wished you could do it.


Simple right? Yes and no…

You have to know what works for other people who are already working as a copywriter. Kind of like an inside look into their business. Then you just model your business after them. You get clients the same way they are, you price your services like they do, invoice the same way they do… The trick to it is getting that inside information.

And that’s why I signed up for CCA to begin with. Nicki teaches you all of the fundamentals of copywriting. Then instead of leaving you to figure everything out on your own she shows you how to start your actual business the right way. CCA gives you the same practices a copywriter with 15 years of experience uses in her own business. Then all you have to do is the same thing.

But Does It REALLY Work?!

Using what I learned from Nicki, I went from only a couple hundred dollars here and there to an actual income. Instead of just dabbling in copywriting as a hobby, slowly building my business little by little… I’ve been able quit my job, spend more time with my kids, and actually enjoy my life! I’m a fulltime copywriter. I can work from anywhere, pick my schedule, and decide if and when I work.

And as long as you follow the lessons, you can do the same. So if you want to learn copywriting for your own business or to start a career, CCA is the best place to start.

And to answer the question I started with… YES, CCA has been worth every penny and paid for itself every month over and over again. I’m not the only one who has had success thanks to CCA. In the link below you’ll hear from another student that has replaced their teaching job with a career as a copywriter. It only took her 6 WEEKS!

Check it out here: This Teacher Replaced Her Income in 6 Weeks

Also, they only accept new students during open registration. If you miss it, you can still go on the waiting list. But who wants to wait, right? If you’re ready to sign up now, click the link now and sign up for the free training Nicki is giving – How To Land Freelance Copywriting Work

So in the interest of full transparency, and because the FTC thinks you need to be spoonfed… I want to let you know that no one’s results with anything are guaranteed. If you don’t do the work your results will reflect that effort. Also this post is written truthfully based on my opinion as a student of the CCA (which yes, was one of the best investments I’ve ever made). And that the links in this are affiliate links, which means I may get a small compensation if you choose to sign up through either of them. But that in no way reflects my opinion or experience as a student.