Filthy Rich Writer Review

After starting my journey into the online job market, I’ve been pulled in many directions by a lot of shiny objects. Till I discovered the thing that I connected with. Soon it became a passion that I’ve set out to master! I want to take a few minutes to share one of the best courses I’ve taken to learn this art! The art of copywriting.

Why I Joined

There are tons of copywriting courses on the internet, some good, some bad, and some are even great. One thing I’ve found to be true with many of them though is that they lack in many areas. But one precise area, in particular, is very important.

I’ve learned the skill in parts from many different courses. But most of them fall short on the business side of copywriting. That’s the reason the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy caught my eye. Very few others teach this part of copywriting, which seems like it would be standard to include, right? As an instructor, you want students to be successful.

The ads for Comprehensive Copywriting Academy showed it as being a course on freelancing as a copywriter. Which immediately caught my attention. Its what sent me searching for more information about CCA and Filthy Rich Writer.

My Initial Thoughts

Once I saw the price for this course, I had my doubts, at least at first. I mean, training and courses on copywriting can cost multiple thousands of dollars. This one was affordable, by no means cheap, but reasonable.

Once I made my payment and joined, I was shocked! The course had so much more content than I expected. Even though it’s called comprehensive, I had not expected this much. There was way more information than I anticipated. Basically, everything that I could come across as a copywriter was covered. Everything topic from emails to magazine ads, there was a video or series of videos that taught it!

Then I started to see the worksheets, or action sheets as they call them, that put what I just learned into action. Following these sheets, you begin building your portfolio, so in this way, they serve two purposes!

You Haven’t Seen The Best Part Yet…

On top of all the training, which in itself is worth more than the cost of admission, you get access to the members-only Facebook group. This gives you direct access to copywriters of different levels of experience who answer questions and help you. It also gives you a place to get your copy work critiqued by the instructor and her team, which lets you leverage their experience and knowledge.

You also get access to monthly coaching calls, and the option to sign up for more 1 on 1 coaching. There’s so much value in this course and community, its unreal!

If you want to learn copywriting or just to further yourself as a copywriter this is an amazing place to accomplish either. Whether you need more clients or your first client you’ll learn how to make it happen. So, if you’re on the fence come over to this side and join our community, it’s really amazing!

Click this link and sign up now, you’ll be glad you did!

Now for the sake of transparency, I want to add this…

Affiliate Disclosure – The above link is an affiliate link. This means that if you choose to sign up through this link I may get a commission for referring you (gasp… I’m so evil).

HOWEVER, this small commission in no way influenced the contents of the above article. I am a paid member of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy and used what I learned there to help launch my copywriting career! The above article is, in fact, my experience, thoughts, and opinion on the course itself.

Filthy Rich Writer Review