My Personal Affiliate Emails

Before I started copywriting I dabbled in affiliate marketing. This is where I gained an interest in copywriting. I started to see an improvement in my results the more I learned about copywriting.

The first two were storytelling emails, both of which landed me multiple sales while letting my list bond closer with me. They’re based on the Seinfeld series which uses stories about everyday life, essentially stories about nothing then relates them to a product.

Email 1 – Is It In You?!

Email 2 – He Stole My Socks…

Both emails were part originally created to teach the Seinfeld series to followers of my podcast. Both were quick story write-ups but were so popular I dropped them into an autoresponder and both resulted in sales and high open rates.

This email resulted in a 27% open rate, 42% click-through rate, from a cold list given to
me by myleadgensecret

My Personal Affiliate Emails